January 17, 2011

Little Getaway . Day 2

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning, we needed to get out to have some fun.
We went for island hopping.
I didn't went there on the previous trip, this was why I felt excited about it.

| Yeeha~ Yeeha~ |

Sitting in the boat, viewing the scenery...
I felt like I were already in my own dreamland, out of busy life.
I love this kind of feeling, feel free.

| Pregnant Maiden Lake |

Our first destination was the Pregnant Maiden Lake.
The scenery is really breathtaking.
Some of our coursemates swam around in the enclosed sections,
it is 10 meters deep.
Some of them dip their feet into the water.
I were enjoyed snapping photos of them and the scenery.
After awhile, we were brought to see the silhouette of the pregnant maiden.
Seeing it from a distance is truly awe-inspiring.

Our next head on over the Wet Rice Island, another Langkawi Beach with clear water.

| Wet Rice Island |

We soaked up the sun and relaxed ourselves there.
Those boys had fun there,
Swam and played in the water.

All of us were exhausted after a day spent at those islands.
The journey end with a visit to Big-Lion Island.

| Big-Lion Island |

The boat stopped just shy of the shores
and we were so excited to watch the king of the skies - eagles
as they soar overhead.
They dive to catch the chicken bits that thrown by the boat driver,
they are deadly precision.
This sight successfully boosted our energy up again.

Had our lunch over the Red Tomato Garden Cafe.
We planned to play water at Cenang Beach, but we were too tired for that.
We decided to head back to our hotel and rest.

| Bella Vista Langkawi |

This is the view of our hotel, seems grand right?
I soaked myself in the swimming pool since I do not know how to swim.
Saw the sunset with my coursemates as well.
One of the famous seafood restaurant - Wonderland nearby our hotel didn't opened for 2 days.
We had both of our dinner time over Cenang Beach.

Another 5 liters wine for this night.
But we just grabbed some of that, the rest were finished by another group of girls.
(Some of us are cognizance as boys - me, bie, mich, pin and sam).
They didn't treat us as girls, somehow I feel that this is great.
We can talk what we like to each of us.
We passed our night sitting on the chaise longue besides the pool.
Stars above our head,
and we simply had a talk over there.
It's been a long time last we did it, few years ago?

Wonderful night we had.

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