January 10, 2011

Healthy lifestyle

It's Monday again.
I paid my fully attention in the classes, yet I were still dozed off for some time.
At least I tried to focus my mind. A good start for me.
*Laugh Out Loud*
I had the to-bring-list for my Langkawi trip already.
4 more days to go!!

We going to have another gathering, our course reunion dinner.
Together with our juniors and some seniors.
I do not know whether the reunion is on going or not.
I hope it is.
The last reunion dinner for my uni life.

I did some exercise today! 
I enjoyed the play. It was really awesome.
I can feel my energy when I hit the shuttlecock.
One more time!
More and more to go.

| Shuttlecock |

I ♥ badminton.

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