January 23, 2011

B u r p

Had already decided to sit bus back to my hometown in this coming holidays.
Will be departed on Thursday.
Am I going to have fun in this chinese new year,
or I should working hard with my mid-semester exam?
Papers waiting for us after a week of holidays.
How pathetic we are.
Couldn't enjoy ourselves to the fullest in the holidays.

Went to Sunway Pyramid after bought our bus tickets.
Still craving for food yet I'm not sure what to eat whenever I'm out.
I think I got this decision-making phobia, gosh.
Randomly, we went to have our dinner at The Street Cafe, Korean food!

| The Street Cafe |

Before that, we had our Korean food a year ago at Midvalley.
We think that the food over there is better than here.
I miss the Korean Kimchi Soup now.
The spiciness of their can really make my taste-buds popped.

Need to stop now, I'm now craving for food again.

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