November 14, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market

Today is the big day for those craft and handmade lovers.
Haha, yup, I went there too!
Did some exploration because I went there alone.
Somehow I heart it.

| Pipit Wonderful Market |

Took bunch of photos, but I'm so lazy to upload it.
Not don't want to share with you all,
so please do forgive my laziness.
Meet some of the handmade designer which I followed their blog.
They are amazing.

| Crowd |

It was hard to take photos actually,
people were blocking you, and it was hard to move from one stall to another.
I love all those products.
Didn't buy any of them, perhaps I'll make it myself?
If I'm free enough.

| Dollies |

Does this dollies look familiar?
Yeah, they are from *Evangelione's Handmade*.
Of course, her suitcase necklaces are cute as well.
Actually I planned to buy at first when I read her blog.
But I hold my itchy hand.

After that, met up with Jayne and Kang Zhan at Midvalley.
"Happy 1 hour anniversary"
What a funny statement for him.
Had some nice chit-chat with both of them.
Took polaroids with them is the most funny part after-all.
Hey, find some other day to gather again.

| Starbucks |

The snowy print on the cup remind me of Christmas is coming to us soon.
Favorite day of yours.
A good Christmas this year?
Hope so...

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