November 16, 2010

Let me stay

Somehow, I heart blurry photo,
it is like everything for me is in unclear state.
I belong to nowhere.
I'll just do my part well, nothing more.
So, let me stay.
I'm saying this magic word again: Please.

| Perfect Getaway |

I need a getaway, to somewhere I like.
How nice if the time stop, so that I can own you once.

I'd been given a glimpse of The Secret Book while waiting for someone.
And I read this:

No matter where you are,
no matter how difficult things might appear to be,
you are always being moved towards magnificence. Always.
-Rhonda Byrne-

ps: I'm so careless to scald my finger


  1. sayang <3 everything will be fine then, just trust yourself, believe in yourself.