November 19, 2010

Good bye Michelle

Another aimless day.
Michelle was back to us in hostel, but guess what?
She is going back to her hometown, tomorrow.
That means she gonna stay a night in airport with her friend.
What a sudden.
Still thinking to have another shopping time with her,
now we just can wait for the next semester.

| Homeward |

It's sad to see your back, pulling a heavy luggage.
You are heading home, while I still need to stay over here until December.
Going to miss you much.
Take care, little sister.


  1. u make me feel so sad wei :'(
    miss u a lot too~ must take care ya! Let's hang out next sem :)
    Enjoy ur holiday ^^
    Muacksss <3

  2. haha, me more sad ho~ you dumped me here...Sad die liao la
    Wait your durian pan cake le~ Wahaha
    Muakx <3