August 5, 2010

hello Penang

In less than 12 hours
I'm gonna back to my home sweet home
quite excited with that
and the time is fully pack when I going back there
no extra time for me to do shopping
how sad...
and I can't watch The Last Airbender with my coursemates
I'm gonna die!!!

I realize my hair is growing longer
at least longer then last time
I think I'll have a cut when I go back, cut my fringe

to my roomie, housemates and sisters
in case you miss me
I upload one portrait photo of mine
going to see you soon when I back to uni

goodbye UKM, hello Penang!

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday! Big event of my family


  1. LIke this photo~~~~ ;)

  2. awww~ miss u~ and happy convo to ur sis! See you soon! =)

  3. *Jayne*
    Haha....Thanks ya, took it yesterday 1

    Miss you too mich mich, and thanks

    *Bie Bie* haha, thankiew

  4. Lol er jie help me wish ur jie jie happy convo and congrats! faster come back!!! =D