August 26, 2010

Blinky Night ♥

We had our faculty night on last Friday
stave off the post for a week
and I just have some time to update it now
our theme for this year was - The Sparkling Retro Night
me and my coursemates had a inside joke regarding to this theme
a day before the night
*blink blink*
do you get what I mean?

This was the last faculty night for the 3rd year students
so mostly of my coursemates were attended
and we did enjoyed our night
although food was not enough for us
I'm proud with my juniors
they did well in their sketch
the best sketch that I had ever seen
bravo guys
you are the champion in our eyes

The gang that I always hang out with:

Michelle, Daniel, Siang, WeiQi, Kc and Boss
7zai is the only one who didn't attended that fac night
(I mean for my gang)
so there are only 2 girls whenever we hang out
Kinda weird?

and this is my family tree's photo
Pei Pei-2nd year
and Wen Hao-1st year
they are direct juniors of me and Daniel

3rd year Oleo's family
but 4 of my coursemates were not in

I love my coursemates
love my juniors
and we should love the course that tighten us together
all the best to you all