January 23, 2010


At first, we planned to go PAP
7 of us
me, KaiYien, JieYing, Tehooo, Jayne, Michelle and Raymond
first time for all of us to go
but too bad, the bus was delayed
so we decided to sit rapidKL
heavy rain when we reached Kajang
it was hard for us to walk to Dewan Kajang
so we had KFC as our dinner
and had some walk inside Metro Kajang

haha, took this photo inside the mall

rain stopped and 5 of us wanted to go PAP
Mich and KaiYien did not joined us
because they got function on the next day
had fun there actually
missed some performances
but we got chance to see the G-dance from KKM
bravo to my coursemate, Siong Seong

our super super super senior came here
we wanted him to sing 飞行943
but then he just sang his new album song
so sad
but then we took photo with him
he is so nice!!

Ta da~
haha, he used our sign, peace XD
but why ah jayne showed other sign


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