January 16, 2010

Watched Paranormal Activity

I do not know how to express my feeling towards this movie
Just when I told Jayne about this movie
we both felt freaky cold and goosebumps all over our body
so scary
I thought I not dare to sleep alone in room
but then my tiredness not allowed me to think about that
slept like a piggy

* * * * * * * * * *

Valentines' day is coming
that's why you will see many jewelry shop promoting their rings and so
actually it's none of my business
but then I watched too much TV show I think
[We Got Married]
I just in love with their wedding photo
and their couple rings

I found this
their pre-wedding photo so casual yet so nice
love this kind of feel~


  1. WE GOT MARRIED?? wu...good show. actually is just the feel, a very good feel which has moved ur heart~ for most of the things.

  2. haha, thanks to you, i watched tat tv show ma^^