January 12, 2010

KaChun's bday

We helped our coursemate-Ka Chun aka Boss
to celebrate his birthday on Sunday
We went to SS2, a Korean restaurant to dine
That was the 1st time for us to have a meal
in a proper Korean restaurant
*spicy spicy*
but then we did enjoyed ourselves there
and we were the last customers who left that restaurant
because we took photo with the boss

Ta da~
*yum yum*
Gonna try again next time

Our boss for that day
Lao Ban, happy birthday ya^^

sweet sweet couples

after our dinner, we went to eat tong shui nearby the restaurant
I shared mango loh with michelle
Quite nice le

It was like we did not have quiz on the next day
played until late night
but compare to other outings that we had
this time was the earliest one

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