October 30, 2009

Wuhu~ with photo^^

This is how a cheras pasar malam look like
always full of people
sometimes you can't even walk and enjoy smoothly
when you want to walk, then people will stop you
but when you wanna stop, people will push you
but then my darling JieYing, Jeremy and I quite enjoyed ba
although we sweat a lot

while waiting for our korean food
like this photo so much
we still looked fresh
before we started to have a long walk along the pasar malam

*Ta da~*
we bought quite a lot but then we manage to finish it
because all of us are big eater
Are we?
Or maybe just because Jeremy was too hungry and ate all?
We took a lot of photos and video
all with those messy hair and stupid look

Then we had a walk again
and help my housemate to get some nice food
I like pasar malam!!
because we will get cheap but nice food

We did a crazy thing (ok, just me and jie ying)
1, 2, 3 and RUN!!! on the street
and the man walked slowly behind us

-the end-


  1. Can we go again next time?!....then i wouldnt eat the stupid nasi lemak anymore....ruin my appetite le.....@@

  2. oh hell yeah~~definitely will go...but PLEASE burn u all punya disc la~ no CRAZINESS mood pun~

  3. *jie ying*
    haha...yup, we will go again o!!! Definitely ya!!! Wuhu~ and we try to eat that geli d smelly curd o!!! hehe...

    dont worry ya, sure we will get u a disc to put in car then everytime put those high high song~ wuhu~ speaker also rosak baru tau!!! wahaha....

  4. den FINALLY i got reason to change my speakers set :P always wanted something with more power :D wuhu!~

  5. Are you sure? later u say we make you waste money to have 1 lo....wahaha

  6. Woho....i gotta the feeling~ >.<

  7. in the end i am the one burning the disc =.= but not a perfect one yet ho~haha...some songs x ngam u all~~will burn it again wen got time...ngek ngek ngek~~

  8. haha, thanks a lot ya^^
    got la, got nice d o~ but y dont have my love story??? haha...tat 1 nice

  9. just burned a new 1...dis time, got ur fav :)