October 22, 2009

Wait ME~

Do you all know what is Polaroid?
*Qiang Qiang*
It is also called an instant camera
Polaroid has announced that it would halt production of instant film
so sad~
But then FujiFilm kept the spirit alive with their latest product
FujiFilm Instax Mini 7s
This model come out in pink and blue colours
which are all time favourite colours
It also got limited edition colours which are chocolate and white
which is more expensive than the normal colours
I have a desire to buy this because it is just so cute
and guess how much is it?
It is just cost about RM230 for the pink and blue colours
and RM285 for the chocolate and white colours
with 1 pack of film (10 pieces)---FOC

But why am I not buying this while I'm so desperate to have 1?
Because the films are so expensive!!
One pack, 10 pieces of film cost you RM30
This is the reason that stop me from buying this instant camera
I like you, but then i cannot bring you home
How sad le~

Maybe in the future i might bring you home
*Wait me*