October 19, 2009

Too Much A~

Just now went out with bao bei Arif
Planned to go Sony BMG
but then they moved out from that building already
yet when he searched the website, it is still stated at there
Well, never mind
It didn't spoil our mood
We returned to MidValley and had a nice lunch
It was the 1st time I ate McD with him
He said he used to eat McD with his NT gang, friends, but not bao bei(s)
We just realised it after we started eating

Got the address of the music company
We were not sure where is it so we decided to post it to them
CD, lyrics, songs....
At least we had done something
Today is a lucky day for us
because we don't need to wait for long period of time to get a KTM
2 lucky people equal to SUPER LUCKY
Even rain had also stopped

Gave Arif listen to our theme song 'Too Much' by Crown J & In Young
And we seem like addicted to it
kept singing that song where ever we were just now
'Too Much A~'
Some more show the A sign
inside KTM, LRT, MidValley....bla bla bla
Having fun actually

Kinda love this song so much after watched 'We got married'
A Korean TV show

*I love you Only you I need you
The shine in my eyes that watch you and the way I talk
They seem to imitate you little by little
My mood that's as bright as the sun
Heaven's gift sent from above
You're my last love
Oh~ I love it*

*Bao bei,
You know I know

It'll be in our heart.
and guess what?
God is always whispering beside us*
Get it?

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