January 31, 2016

[ Penang ] Eataliano Cafe @ Burmah Road

Out of sudden, BenDan suggested that we should dine at Eataliano Cafe after he saw some nice photos being shared in the Facebook page. Without further hesitation, we decided to pay a visit by this week! It's located at the corner unit of Burmah Road or Cantonment Road which is quite easy to overlook, and parking surely a problem for all the diners. This is why the previous restaurants that opened in the same unit were ended up shut down.
Nothing much on the interior, quite clean and neat. Since we need to order our food at the counter, so we got our seats on downstairs and we didn't went to upstairs for a look either. The menu selection is quite limited but we already google-ed what dishes are recommended before we reach. Diners were not much during our visit so the serving is rather fast that night. Didn't manage to get the exterior image as I don't feel to risk my life standing in the middle of the traffic just to get a picture of it. Laugh
Things on the table. Plain water will be provided upon request. A block of number will be given once you made your payment at the counter, the cafe staff will collect it once they served all your food to you.
Green Apple Soda | RM10
We ordered a drink to share. It came in 3 layers: the bottom one is the green apply syrup, middle one is the soda drink and topped with a layer of cream. You can drink it like this or stirred all 3 layers into one, both give you different kind of taste and we prefer the latter one. The beverages selection are limited as well but from their Facebook page, the barista has been working on some new flavours to be served soon.
Cajun Smoked Duck Spaghetti | RM17
The presentation is way out from the one show in their Facebook page, and we thought they got us the wrong dish. The staff were then told us that they had made some changes in presentation and adjustment after getting feedback from their customers. We accepted this although this dish become not so photogenic anymore but it didn't affect the taste! It tasted so creamy and you can get the smoked duck scent in it, worth to try. 
Seafood Risotto | RM19
My first thought after they served this to us: the portion is rather small! The presentation is quite good with numerous of prawns and slices of squid being topped on the risotto, that's the only two type of seafood in this dish, I expected some clams in it by the way. The risotto is well cooked and not so watery as they sprinkle some cheese in the mid to make it cheesy and creamy; the seafood are fresh as well. Well definitely come back again for the quality food.

381, Jalan Burmah, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 10pm (Daily); closed on Wednesday

Contact Number
04-218 9558

Facebook Page

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