January 10, 2016

[ Penang ] Crab & Lobster Seafood Oyster Bar @ Straits Quay

The time when I was in Straits Quay, Crab & Lobster is yet to open its door to public (under renovation); didn't bother to know their opening until we come across Ken's blog while searching for restaurant to dine for Christmas. Was planning to dine there during the Boxing Day but they were having the special menu for Christmas and New Year celebration which will cost more penny, so we drop it. We went there the day after they resume their affordable menu; since it's only few weeks from their opening, reservation is needed if you couldn't bear the disappointment of knowing it's full house during the time you visit. 
Same like most of the restaurants in Straits Quay, they have indoor and al-fresco seating. I prefer having warm food indoor.
Don't expect numerous choices on their menu, the main highlight here is crab, lobster and oyster, so that's their 2 pages menu. You can either pick their recommended combos or pick your own seafood; there are 5 choices of sauce provided but you can only pick the spiciness level for Crab & Lobster Signature Sauce and Chili Crab Sauce. If you aim for the Alaskan King Crab Leg combo, it's highly recommended that you make reservation earlier; it is running out of stock fast than others. 
Oyster selection is not available in the menu, but you need to pick your own oyster at the Oyster Bar which located at the corner of the restaurant. There are 4 varieties of oysters that air-flown from different countries being displayed at the Oyster Bar on the night we went. We didn't have oysters that night as we don't really know how to enjoy raw oysters. 
Crab & Lobster served cooked seafood on the table and diners will need to have these heavenly food by using the gloved hand. This concept has been around for awhile but definitely the first one in Penang. Of course, if you want, you can also request them to serve your seafood in the pot. To prevent you from spewing on your cloth, apron is also provided. 
Selection of beverages are also not available in the menu. Once you placed your order, you will need to take the name card (with your table number on it) on your table and walk to the huge display fridge to choose your favorable drinks. Most of their drinks and alcohols are imported, the imported alcohols are at the higher price range, so we opt for normal beverages. Once you picked your drinks, pass the drinks together with the name card to cashier so that they can charge them in your bill. They will then serve your drinks to your table with glass of ice. Ice or warm water will be served upon request, free of charge I guess.
Us in apron before the dining start.
Orange & Jasmine | RM10 . Iced Green Tea latte | RM13
Crab Feast | RM98 . add-on King Mushroom | RM5
We ordered one of their combo - Crab Feast which comes with one mud crab, 300 grams of prawns, 250 grams of clams, corn, potatoes and sausages that cooked in mild spicy of Crab & Lobster Signature sauce. Complimentary mantou (steamed or fried) and fries will be served whenever you order one of their combo set. The portion is more than enough for two of us (hardly tell from the photo tho), all the seafood served is not overcooked and the sauce is so finger-licking-good. I wish we can have more mantou to finish off the sauce but we were too full for that. What surprise me was the fresh prawn, it tasted way better than the crab, the prawns were so fresh that every bite on it was bursting with the fresh seafood juice in it. It was a good and fun dining experience for us. 

Lot 3A-G-7, Ground Floor of Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 12am (Daily)

Contact Number


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It will be a fruitful year for me!


  1. 好好吃的樣子 (流口水~~~)

  2. I was about celebrate my Christmas dinner there too but the set dinner price scared me away, LOL~ :D

    1. Yeah! That's why we only went there last week. Must try, I'm thinking to go back next month LOL

  3. 那天经过的时候一直观望里头,原来是可以吃海鲜大餐。谢谢分享!

  4. 那天经过的时候一直观望里头,原来是可以吃海鲜大餐。谢谢分享!

  5. Hey I wanna ask that if 5 people eating how many set/ combo I should order ? 300g prawns issit enough for 2 person ?

    1. Hi,
      Each combo can served for 2 pax. I think you can order 2 combos, and order some add-ons (rice, mantou, snacks...) for 5 pax. It should have enough for small eaters.