June 14, 2015

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya . Queensbay Mall

It's quite hard for me to look for a dine-in restaurant in Queensbay Mall, I always tend to have my meal in the same old restaurant that tickle my tastebuds a lot. Nowadays I also seldom tryout new restaurants that blooming in the mall as I'm not in the mood I guess. Until one of my colleague share with us that there is a newly opened curry house at Queenstreet, and it's Japanese curry. I remember I once passed by the restaurant, but I didn't bother to have a look at it; I just recall this when my colleague told me the existence of CoCo Ichibanya. I went there to have a try right after the talk, and went again two weeks later after my first try.
It was full house on the first time we went, the friendly receptionist (yes they do have one standing right in front of the restaurant to manage the crowd) gave us a piece of paper with number on it, she will let you know whenever there are empty seats in the restaurant, according to the number of course. The restaurant ain't big and the seating are limited per table, so if you come here with a big group, I think you guys need to split into two groups. 
While waiting to be seated, menus are provided so that you can have a thought what to order later on. There is a guide for you on how to order their curry rice, with the flexibility, you can select the quantity of rice, level of spiciness and also the additional curry sauce according to your like. They do serve plain curry with rice (RM15), so that you can topped up with your choice of toppings.
The radish pickle is the must have complement for curry rice, I found it quite tasty together with the curry sauce, BenDan don't really like it tho. If you feel that the spiciness of your choice is not up to your expectation, a bottle of chili powder is available for you to top up. Their service is so good that I can't help myself not to filled in the questionnaire and give them a 5 star rate.
Seafood Omelette Curry | RM26
Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry | RM26
These are what we ordered on the first visit. We chose the spiciness Level 1 and I feel that it's more than enough, after-all the Japanese curry should taste with a little bit of sweetness. I think the chef just sprinkle the same chili powder that you can find on your table to spice up the curry, this is why I somehow feel quite thirsty after the meal. Oh yeah, we didn't order any drinks as warm/cold water is free of charge and refillable. I tried Japanese curry before, but this is way more heavenly than the one I tried, the curry sauce given is in generous amount but we manage to finish it all. The seafood (prawns, clams and squids) given are fresh and the pork cutlet is in hefty portion. The price is slightly at the high side but it's worth with the satisfying portion.
Scrambled Egg Curry | RM 18 topped with Shrimp Cutlet | RM6
Scrambled Egg Curry | RM18 topped with Salmon Creme Croquette | RM6
And these are what we ordered on the second visit. We wanted the plain omelette curry rice and topped with dish of our choice, too bad they only served scramble egg curry (which the runny omelette egg does not wrap on the rice). The curry sauce is lesser with only half plate full, which is not enough for me (topped up is available but I feel that RM6 to top up the sauce is quite pricey, the same price can buy me another topping!). The shrimp cutlet is good, you can get the shrimp taste but I feel that it's too similar with the pork cutlet. I personally like the salmon creme croquette more, the creme in the croquette mixed well with the curry taste. I chose the same spiciness Level 1 this time while BenDan had his original flavor, the Level 1 seems to be more spicy compare to the one I had one first time, the consistency of spiciness is needed. I think I'll just have the original flavor next time, yeah I'll go back for more!
If you spent more than RM50 in single receipt, Coco Ichibanya is giving out free made in Thailand Matcha Latte; this promotion is only valid until month of July. This Matcha Latte taste good if you have it in cold, you will find the taste quite weird if you didn't drink it in cold. The Matcha Latte is also available in their beverage menu, you still can have it here if the promotion ended.

Lot 3F-22, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Business Hours
10.30am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number
Not available

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