May 31, 2015

Of random lunch at Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant

The day before me and BenDan went to have lunch at Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, we were talking about this newly open restaurant with colleagues and I never thought that we will be here that soon after the talk. My first try Dak Galbi is at Chun Cheon and I thought I wouldn't try it again, not to say that it's not nice but the big portion and the sweaty environment make me back off. Then, this BenDan suddenly thought to try new food (yeah, he didn't follow our sister outing that day) and the first choice is Dak Galbi! Since I went to Chun Cheon before, so we decided to go Uncle Jang (evil smile on my face, laugh).
We didn't made any reservation on the day we went, too sudden. The interior doesn't give me the kind of whoa feeling, quite simple and the ventilation is not pretty good. They even bring some giant fans like those available in hawker stall to place in the restaurant, purpose is of course to cool down the environment but the fans do not help much. I sat next to the fan, so it keep blowing on my hair until I just tied my hair up; BenDan didn't sat nearby the fan felt pretty hot throughout the eating session. Apron is provided to prevent the sauce from spurting on your clothes, you can take it off once the staff done the cooking.
Like what commented by the others, they have limited choices in the menu; you got the wrong place if you think to have other main dishes here (they do have 5-6 a la carte dish). Free cold drink is available upon your order. The only banchan (side dishes that normally served when you are in Korean restaurant) that provided by Uncle Jang is kimchi, the taste is superb by the way.
Kimchi Jeon | RM12
The only side dish we ordered as we scared that we can't finish the Dak Galbi. Don't judge a book by its cover, same over here, the kimchi pancake doesn't look great but it actually taste quite good tho. Too bad they didn't provide any sauce to dip with.
Dak Galbi | RM21/pax, minimum order of 2 pax
The Dak Galbi consists of chicken cube, cabbage, sweet potato and rice cake. It looks rather small portion compare to the one in Chun Cheon, but it is more than enough for two of us, we can't find any chicken cube when they first serve it, then we just realized that they are underneath the cabbage. We add-on ramen (RM6), egg (RM1) and cheese (RM8) to enhance the taste of Dak Galbi. I once thought Dak Galbi is just a normal dish that I wouldn't fall for it but this prove me wrong, we both like the taste and I personally feel that this is way better than the one in Chun Cheon, mainly because of the sauce I guess. After the meal, we straight away decide that we are going to visit Uncle Jang again within 2 months. Laugh.

C-01-10, Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Desiran Tanjung, 10470 Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (Monday to Friday); 12pm-10pm (Saturday and Sunday)



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Glad that I attended the gathering with my primary schoolmates after 15 years I graduated. 


  1. Uncle Jang is heavenly yummy although you would find yourself having stinky smell after that.hahaha