January 25, 2015

Secawan 'n' Such . Hutton Lane

Morning lovelies! Woke up this morning and feel to write some posts, so I took out my laptop for that (nah, actually I opened my laptop to do some company stuff, pathetic). [Another back-dated post]. Right after we visited Soul Cafe, we went to visit Secawan 'n' Such as BenDan long for their carrot cake badly. My sister was so mad with me once she knew that I went there without her, so we together paid another visit there few weeks later, I group 2 visits in one post to ease my job. 
Mango, Passion Fruit and Lime Smoothies | RM13 . Cafe Mocha | RM9.90
Matcha Latte | RM9.90
Cafe Mocha is always my sister's favorite, another reason why she always order this is she don't know what to order other than this, laugh. For me, it's quite bitter but it's up to her liking, if you don't like the bitterness, you may just add in some brown sugar provided, I always like the restaurant/cafe if they prepare brown sugar instead of white sugar for diners. We ordered Matcha Latte on my first visit, BenDan's favorite. I quite like it, same level with the one I had in Miam Miam, but this is more milky and yeah I like milky taste! Something need to mention here, the barista does not prepare the cookies for the coffee and latte but they prepare mooncake biscuit, quite special huh! On my second visit, I decided to order something refreshing like smoothies, it was quite good and not too sour even all the fruits in the smoothies are sour based. 
Smoked Salmon Sandwich | RM16
I'm not really a dessert lover, so I wanted to have something else while others enjoy their dessert, so I got this Smoked Salmon Sandwich during my first visit. It was quite surprise to see the salmon slice they prepare is extremely thick, and the portion can feed 2 pax. The side greens that come together with this sandwich is good too, as they drip some savoury sauce to make it tastier. 
Basil Pine Nuts Pesto with Poached Egg | RM16.90
I had this on my second visit, quite into pesto sauce nowadays, I feel it taste quite good, my second option if they do not serve carbonara. Actually, we don't want to order this as we went there after lunch, wanted to order their food under Brekkie menu but too bad it only served until 2pm. Why? They should have all-day-breakfast to be serve mah. The pesto is quite creamy and the poached egg is so runny! Slices of cheese is topped on the pesto and I can't finish them as it is quite greasy at the end. 
Carrot Cake | RM9.50
Carrot Cake! Everyone's favorite but I feel it's quite a small slice compare to other restaurant. Erm, I don't remember if I try carrot cake before not, I think this is the first time I had this. Can't really accept the taste on my first visit as there are so much filling in the middle, but I seems to like it more on my second visit, maybe I just used to the taste. I like the cream cheese topped on the carrot cake and the generous amount of nuts, definitely will go back for more of this.

205, Jalan Hutton, 10500 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
8am - 12am, Closed on Monday

Contact Number
019-528 8112


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