December 3, 2013

from my eyes . Vietnam

December, please be good to me. I never have this kind of quote until today, and I really mean it and need it. Please! I'm gonna start posting about my Vietnam trip and this is like a prologue before I really go into it in details. Didn't really capture a lot of photos during the trip, maybe I was just too tired or the weather kind of hot; so my mode was like: snap-and-go. Let's get started with things I saw in Vietnam, I just pick some to share here, enjoy...
Just a short one. We might have communication constrain during the trip as most of the Vietnamese couldn't talk fluently/understand English, yet they trying hard to help us in ordering food, pointing us the right way to go and etc. I might go back again, still didn't have enough time to unveil every pretty little thing over there. Oh yeah, in case you don't know, Vietnam is in the list for Top 10 Safest Asian Countries for Female Traveler [link], if you girls plan to have a solo travel, you can refer to this list. Till then for next update.

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I'm finished with fins.


  1. I'm guessing that you're going for Ho Chi Minh? I just went there few weeks ago and I must say it's not even safe for local guys anymore. When we took out our camera or accidentally reveal our wallets, ladies from those stalls often asked us to watch out as robbery is everywhere. p.s: I traveled with 2 guys for this trip.

    I'm not saying that your stats is not correct, maybe it's applicable for other states or area but definitely not Ho Chi Minh.

    1. Yeah, I went to Ho Chi Minh, same thing happen on me that when I took out my camera, uncle in the stalls also asked me to be careful, I read from forum, some of the people might get cheated as well. But we didn't met this kind of thing in HCM, we were glad that all the people we met during the trip are so nice to us!!

      The stat is from newspaper lol, I also feel that it's for other places like Mui Ne and Hanoi, but HCM is more fun compare to those, planning to go Mui Ne next time if got chance ^^