December 15, 2013

Cu Chi Tunnel . Ho Chi Minh

Today, I'm gonna bring you guys to have a short tour to Cu Chi Tunnel, a place that you wouldn't miss when you are in Ho Chi Minh. It will be better if you follow a tour to Cu Chi Tunnel, so that you can understand their history more; we picked the Cu Chi Tunnel half day tour from our hotel, the receptionist help us to arrange tour guide. If the hotel you stay did not provide any tour, you can look for The Sinh Tourist, heard that their service is quite good. Off you go, just sharing a little bit photos here:
So our tour guide - Philip came to our hotel around 8.30am, this is the smallest group he ever brought to Cu Chi Tunnel, only 12 people in a van; it was quite good tho, sometimes it's quite troublesome to travel in big group. Before off to our destination, he brought us to Handicapped Handicraft in case we need to grab some souvenirs. They are talented enough to use only egg shells to come out with those gorgeous items, that's why the price is a little bit higher compare to those you can get in night market. 
Once we reached Cu Chi Tunnel, we were first went to have a short lecture on Vietnam history, actually it isn't short tho, took us 45 minutes seating in a 'lecture hall' and watch the newsreel. Off to the huge jungle and Philip explained to us how the army used to make the trap, how to build their houses and etc. The most exciting moment was we get to fire few bullets on real gun, and we chose AK47! It was good one! The tour ended with tapioca as our nosh, this is the only food they had during the war period. 

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Only Running Man have the cure.

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