January 27, 2013

Say Hi to Zoo Negara!

When is your last time to visit zoo? My last time was like years ago, so we took this opportunity to visit Zoo Negara but too bad there is renovation on-going to enlarge the zoo, we got no fate with some of the animals; roar roar, where is my bear? Took plenty of photos inside the zoo, but I only chose some to share here, I think you all should know how the animals look like bah. BTW, if you want to know more about our Zoo Negara, please visit to their site first, all the rate and feeding time are stated inside the page. 
We used half day to finish the area, no kidding, I can't felt my legs after the tour, seriously I felt like doing the  whole weeks walking in one day. I'll let all the photos do the talking part (in fact it's quite weird to intro the animal one by one isn't it?), enjoy!
Who you think of when you see a giraffe? Kwang Soo from Running Man! I think I need to catch up Running Man, I stopped for months, too many episodes to catch up tho. Someone please help me to kill all the lazy bugs in me. That's the post, good night!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Why today so hot? Sweating while writing this!