January 4, 2013

Peri-vileges of Nando's

If I say there are 10+ posts pending to post up, will you think that I'm crazy? Nope, I'm not crazy but lazy, and I always feel happy and excited to share the latest post with you guys first instead of old one (some of them due for almost 2 months I guess). Give me more time and I shall finish them all to share nice food and good places.
Finally had my Nando's dinner with dearies ppwen and Wei Wen last 2 night, we got ourselves a FOC whole chicken voucher and topped up some drinks plus salad. Quite some time didn't eat their Peri-chicken, kind of miss it; normally I'll only order Mild Peri-Peri for my Peri~ometer, this time I (should be we) decided to give Hot Peri-Peri a strike and I kind of like it! Love Nando's? Now they coming out with their Nando's card and you can enjoy all the Peri-vileges, all you need to do is tell the staff you want the card and choose the card design you like (click here to check the card design, total they have 4 now); this only cost you RM10 for lifetime membership.
I got myself one eventho I seldom dine over there, I can't resist to beautiful design card; wish that I can actually collect all restaurant or boutique member cards for free! Anyone sponsor me please? Laugh. Back to topic, thought that I will only get the card and registration form to fill in, who knows I got this little boxie and the sticker at the back indicate the design of the card. I met a hard time on which design to pick for, all cards have their uniqueness, how nice if I can grab all of them! Showing puppy eyes.
It's like a pandora box, nah not full of evil but great goodies; for sure you will have your card inside, a limited edition Nando's design key chain and also one complimentary designer drink voucher, all these should worth more than RM10.
Follow the instruction on the boxie to activate your Nando's card, 3 different way and I chose the easiest one, just a few clicks and ta-dah I'm registered as the member and my card will be activated within 2 working days. Click here for more details.
So why wait? Faster go and grab yourself a Nando's card today! I got my first ever orange card in my purse, color up my wallet and I seriously need a card holder now, no place for more cards already!!! Bom Dia my dearies and ciao!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Happy 5201314 to you guys. Big Love!

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