December 3, 2012

Penang Island Jazz Festival 2012 for my December

Hello December, couldn't believe it's year end now, December not always my favourite month but the Christmas feel does always make me feel warm although I'm not really celebrate it every year, so I kinda like this month. Wonder will doomsday really happen in weeks time, or should we start to store food so that we don't need to walk out in dark for 3 days? Let's not bother about it, live your life loud is the most important thing now; le sista and her hubby are flying to Taiwan today, they really enjoy their life now, my jealousy mood on now! Still, safe journey and please bring back souvenir and thing as many as you can stuff inside your luggage. I want them all!
Kicked start my December with the Penang Island Jazz Festival; my first time to attend this festival and gosh, it was raining all night long but still people were enjoying themselves with umbrella or raincoat. Forgot about the mat thingy we needed to sit on, we didn't grab one as well, we sat on the raincoat instead, with umbrella on hand ofcourse. The ang moh sat beside us left earlier and they gave us the mat before they left, I'm blessed and told'ya, good people is everywhere around the corner. If you slip the Jazz Festival this year, get your ticket ready earlier on nexy year and rock with them; good music night I had just now. Gonna hit the bed now, ciao readers.

. . . . . . . . . . .

I use my eyes to see the world and beautiful thing, in my own view, not yours.


  1. In conclusion, do you like December? XD

    1. It's just started, we will see then :)
      But this is a tough month! LOL

  2. Then I can see the whole world, through your eyes. :)

    1. You can see the world in my mouth!
      *quote from Life of Pi*