December 16, 2012

Get A Life

Hello dearies, I abandoned my blog for a week to buy time gathered with friends and family; so I'll only make a short update today, please stay tuned for the next post. My sister is back in here and I'm blessed to get some souvenirs from her, owh, seriously I miss the pineapple cake from Chia Te, Taiwan, you may see this in my Instagram. I changed two of my car tyres, renew road tax and insurance that make me seriously broke now, yet I'm glad with that as I know I'll be safer with the new tyres. Not much update for the week, mostly eat, drink, play and sleep, that's all, but hey sometimes I feel great not to online everyday. Laugh out loud
It's time to open a new chapter for my life, a brand new one so that my next year will be more colorful and maybe a brand new me?

. . . . . . . . . . 

Never thought that I'll get a bruise on my arm because of wormie.