January 27, 2012

Sweetish nosh

I love HK 2012 is the only Chinese New Year movie I had watch during the fiesta, a good one which mix the laughter and tear; watch it with a friend of mine as I'm not manage to grab my family to watch this, they prefer meals than movie, seriously.  Laugh.

Were then thought to have something for our tummy, from Starbucks down to hawker center and ended up we chose the Black Ball Taiwanese Desserts. Taiwanese desserts and bubble tea have become a trend in Malaysia with the rise of bubble tea and desserts shop in KL, which is now in Penang as well. Looking at the menu, it offers Taiwanese desserts almost the same like Snowflakes.

Same like Snowflakes, they gave us the Beeping UFO after we placed our order and it will beep and vibrate when our desserts are done.
Black Ball Combo . RM6.50
Grass Jelly Ice as base and topped with Taro Ball, Taro Q, Pearl and Aloe Vera; choose as you like. It comes with a small cup of milk which adds more flavor into it. Always, I love to chew the taro balls when the dessert comes to me, chewy enough for this!

Black Ball Original Taiwanese Tea & Desserts
Add: 232, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hour: 12pm-12am (Daily)
Contact Number: 6016-4661886

. . . . . . . . . .

Bring the little spy to have a walk.


  1. i need laughter lately. should consider this movie. hope it's still up. r sweet ;)

  2. OK, i am late...
    Well, should be visiting this Taiwanese dessert during the coming weekend :)

  3. *OkieDokie*
    It will bring more tears to you if you choose this movie, Haha, at the end very d touching~

    Thanks ha :D

    Haha, late~
    Enjoy the environment there ya, but not much parking around that area lo~

  4. >.<
    gotta be faster next time, too fast too furious~
    Yeah need some luck, haha.

  5. i came for observation, LOL!! hahahaha

  6. *Me* Haha, calm down ha, slow a bit doesn't matter ma~

    *Jhu* Haha, the little danbo lo xD

    *ppwen* observation pulak, mai jia jia, i know what u mean~ LOL