January 15, 2012

The heart of soul

Been procrastinated some of my pending post(s) for almost a week and now I'm back to share my life and stories with you guys. Was so busy throughout the week as too much outing for me, I wish I could have more time for myself; or more rest time for me. Laugh

Always wanted to have fine breakfast which I didn't had one since long ago, and we finally paid the visit to Soul Kitchen a week back. I heart all the cafe along the Muntri Street, one of the last few heritage building lined-street left in Penang; because each of them carry a different sense of relaxation and love. Soul Kitchen is an Italian trattoria where founded by a Germany-Malaysian consort. 

The interior has a casual, chic look that is both hip and cozy at the same time. My fault because did not have much photos of their interior. It filled with wooden tables and chairs, tiny touches of eco friendly decor and they play some nice colors in their trattoria. 

Like poeple always say that: Simple is nice! and I love it when they handed me a piece of paper and a rock; here's come the menu.

Their menu is actually written on the board, placed at the counter area; the piece of paper only have the list of their drinks, special no?

Fresh apple and orange juice. RM5 each

Scrambled egg with sausage plus beans . RM10

Scrambled egg with bacon plus beans . RM 10

Heard that their pasta and pizza are wonderful as well, might try it on some day since I got the 10% off voucher from the lovely couple. 

Photo of the day, which I took it from the place I sat. Lovely

Soul Kitchen trattoria
Add: 102, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hour: 10.30am-2pm and 6.30pm-9pm (Weekdays) ; 10am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-9.30pm (Weekends) ; Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 604-2613118

. . . . . . . . . .

Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen, warm my mind near your gentle stove, turn me out and I'll wander, baby. stumblin in the neon groves. -Jim Morrison-


  1. Well, your fingers weave quick minarets, Speak in secret alphabets, I light another cigarette, Learn to forget, learn to forget, Learn to forget, learn to forget

  2. Don't smoke if can, it doesn't help you to forget anything I guess..

    Do I know you in person, actually?

  3. It's the lyrics No?
    I don't smoke and i hate smoker. LOL.
    Well, time to be honest, i actually bumped into your blog when i was looking for a restaurant's review.
    And you, actually looks very familiar to me, perhaps because we hang at the same spot and perhaps we met. :)

  4. Oops, I didn't realize it;s the lyrics xD
    Me also don't like smoker eh LOL, not into hate, just hope they don't smoke will do..

    What restaurant you look for? Am actually not doing review, just love food so much, then share over here only...

    So you are Penangite as well?

  5. Well, to me, don't smoke beside me will do. LOL

    Yeeah i know you aren't food reviewer, but i like your blogs, written with passion and heart. :)
    Was looking for Matsuki actually, been there for few times.
    Friendly people, quiet and private environment, lovely.

    Erm yeah, i'm not from Penang but i live here for years.

    So, this is the live chat you were saying? haha
    In a random blog, talk with bubbles, cool.

  6. I'm not a pro food reviewer, just love to hunt for great food and places, btw, I like my own blog as well LOL

    Matsuki! I went there twice, but more to go maybe, bring my family over there someday.. hee

    LOL, penang is a lovely island isn't it? I really love here!

    Haha, you can add me in FB if you want, there would be the live chat, am so lazy to make 1 here, yet LOL

  7. Yo, love whatever you are doing and enjoy it to the MAX, i guess that's more than enough :)

    Yeah, Matsuki, you can get a private room there, for celebration or gathering.

    I've been to almost all the big cities in Malaysia. Penang island, so far is the most comfortable in term of environment, people, and life. So, hell yeah, i love it too. :)

    Trying to figure out who am i? LOL.
    Well, look for a friend request from "wei kit tan". :)

  8. Glad that you love Penang :D

    I knew Matsuki has few private rooms, but always I went there with small amount of people, that's why outside should be enough le :)