November 13, 2011


Sister outing again at this lovely Saturday, it's good that I still can see her quite often and we had lunch together; will have more outing together with her soon, and also my brother-in-law.  So after we had our lunch, we went to do free facial which we saw their promotion at That's the place that I went last few weeks before my sister's wedding, Ortus

I was so lucky to get the first prize during the lucky draw session, grabbed back the products worth RM588+. Laugh. My sister was happy too as she can also use the products together with me; we have high interest towards their hydrating mask. Did some shopping at 1st Avenue and her turn to spend money, uncontrollable, but still in her budget I guess.  

Finally Starbucks card reached Malaysia now! Wanted to grab the Christmas limited edition card, but they told us all were finished at weeks ago; only left the original one. I was like WHAT? and show them my woeful face. Giggle. Forced to get the original one, I feel that the design is just okay; nice because it's in transparent form. What are you waiting for? Go grab one for yourself and get a free drink.

Me at the night, of course I didn't wear that spectacle out with my friends; just a prop to take photo, and my sister own it. Outing with Wei Seong, Beng Tatt and Valen Ling, went to watch You Are the Apple of My Eye again; still like the movie, or even more. The girl didn't join us at the night when we drove up to Batu Ferringhi, just wanted to chill-out besides sea-view but ended up we went to Mansion 69. Everyday I shuffling~

. . . . . . . . . .

Wait for the next time. Smile.


  1. I like ! Ur pretty look :DDD

  2. I still sempat to get the limited card..after two days my colleagues went and it is sold out =='''
    I want to buy the tumbler..but the design I want finished =( i guess snowman is too popular..haha!

  3. haha, you very geng le! but this i also nice for me d la the card XD

  4. lol...nvr tot of buying the card, my friend bought it first, then i like it he gave to me..after that he went to buy another XD but normal card d..

  5. lol..his main purpose is the card and not the design i guess..