July 7, 2010

Public holiday

I had a date with my boss, Emy
just both of us
we went to Balik Pulau to eat Laksa
which she doesn't tried before
and we ate 2 bowl of Laksa each, both are different stalls
she just wanted to compare which 1 is nicer
I wanted to try Pasembur
people say it is nice
too bad the stall is closed on Wednesday

When she knew that I didn't been to Tropical Fruit Farm before
she took me to go over there
just to let me know how it looks like
it can be fun only if there is not raining day

tables and stools are prepared
so that we can enjoy eating our fruit while viewing the scenery
I was amazed by the toilets
they don't have concealment at all
'open-air' I can say
If you stand up with pants off
I think people down there can see it clearly

We planned to watch movie at first
but today was movie day, that's why we abrogated the thought
we went to Parkson and tried out all the new perfumes
and there are many more for me to learn

had our high-tea at Big Apple
we talked a lot
and I learned a quote today
| Don't choose the best, choose the one that suit you |

forgot to say that today is our public holiday
because 7/7 is the day where Penang being
a part of the UNESCO's World Heritage Cities Programe
I'm naturally very proud with it

the Clan Jetty forms part of Penang Heritage Trail
there are a few number of clan jetties
we went to Yang Jetty
all with wooden walkway and houses are built on stilts in the water

look familiar?
you can see it in [Ice Kacang Puppy Love]
but I think they took it at Chew Jetty

doesn't it look like I back to the past?
surrounded by wooden houses
and the ice cream is cheap, just 50 cents per scoop

went to a temple as well
where people normally free captive animals at there
it's located nearby the clan jetties


Ah Woon came to join us after that
I think this is the last time for us to see each other in this sem
but we can meet up in KL if time is allow
and she planned to buy a Polaroid too

Emy helped us to take our photo

We dined at Kirishima which located inside the Cititel Hotel
it was my 2nd time to went there

nice to eat with
it made me bloated since I ate a lot for today

at last we managed to watch a movie:
The Back-up plan
a comedy + romance movie

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous
still so thin after she had gave birth

* * * * * * * * * *

Tried a new product today
and gonna have a free one in coming days
*grin from ear to ear*

* * * * * * * * * *

Paul the octopus
why are you so good in prediction?
Germany lose