July 6, 2010

our old place

Met with my zoo members just now
we went back to our secondary school-PCGHS
the place that we first knew each other
Met up with teachers as well but some of them cannot recognize us
people do change in 3 years time
so did our school
I like the new toilets they built
just like the toilets in shopping mall
*thumbs up*

so we decided to take a picture of us
not many of us went back
just 5 of us, others are busy with their stuffs
had a great breakfast with them and our beloved Mr. Lau

and I manage to play badminton with YongSin
before I went back to my home
what a lovely morning I had with them
| big grin |


  1. my name's font size should b bigger NEXT TIME! XD

  2. haha, okok, i got it liao~
    next time all big big 1