May 4, 2010


What to do when you are in Penang?
what else other than EAT?

went to Kocha Taiwanese Delight with my family
at Burma Road
the most famous Taiwan style restaurant in Penang
and there were long queue waited to be seated
the interior design is nice
and the price is reasonable too

the environment is comfortable with the soft light
every table has a different lamp
there has a huge aquarium with lots of colorful fishes
daddy and I were enjoyed looking at the fishes

watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love with Farhana
and I think she had fun seeing me cried non stop in the cinema
but that movie is touching wei
and she bought me a box of ice cream

traditional ice cream
inside it has 5 different flavors
1st time to try the papaya ice cream
quite special

after movie with her
I went to dine with my family again
my sister really like Sakae Sushi I guess
went there again

crabmeat chawanmushi

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