May 2, 2010


I had a nice outing with my relatives
we went over to Butterworth just to try out the seafood
at Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Reataurant
nearby Bagan Lallang

the place was crowded as it was lunch hour
it just open from 11am until 5pm
you must try their fermented coconut wine,
known by the locals as Tuak
it taste a bit sourish sweet and has a gassy feeling
my nephew said my face was red after I drank it

we ordered what they famous with
spring baby chickens
deep fried prawn popiah
steam fish
steam clam
fried bee hoon
fried ice cream
and another 1 I forgot the name already
we missed out the boil octopus
and too bad all the crabs were sold out!!
but we satisfied with the food

when they were ordered the food
they said '蒸鱼', I thought they called my name
me: yes?
cousins: huh??
then they laughed at me
how embarrassing

oops, we were too hungry
so I just manage to snap the picture after the meal
but actually my family just had our lunch an hour before this meal