December 31, 2009

Let go, Let's go

Today is the last day for year 2009
I have a quote to share with all of you
[Let go, Let's go...]

It's time to let go something that make you suffer or sad
in this year
A bright new year is coming
welcome it with your happy heart

[in my dictionary, there's no 'SAD' after today]
good for you my dear
A big HUG for you
and all my friends...

let's yell together: Happy New Year~


  1. ya~ i already let go~
    and hope to welcome all the happiness~
    and hope all bad things will end up like 2009~
    Darling, yao xin fu o~

  2. that's good o!!! after let go, then the next step is let's go d o~
    darling, we must xin fu together ya^^

  3. Ya~
    must xin fu together o~
    And now, i am ready to go~
    Hope i will reach de 幸福站~

  4. wuhu~ sure u can reach there lo...hehe