December 24, 2009

Crazy outing with coursemate

After came back to ukm for few days
we all started to feel bored
then we all decided to have dinner together
and watch movie since now there are lot of movies to choose
we went to midvalley
and the 1st thing we do were lined up to get our ticket
watched what?
movie that I watched before
avatar again~
at first they wanna watched 3-D
but then full house already

after that we went to ZanMai to have our dinner
they said because we got our ptptn already
so the 1st outing must have fun and eat something nice
I think it is already our tradition for every early semester
and guess what?
we planned for our trip
trip after our final for this semester
and many funny things happened while we were eating

our hot green tea

yum yum

our movie was at 11.15
there were plenty of time for us to waste
so we went to baskin robbins to continue our big plan
but at the end did not come out with a proper plan
but will continue discuss about it

all the boys said wanna play bowling
but we girls all dunwan
so we went to shopping while they went for their bowling
but at last they went to play pool
SALE everywhere!!
haha, but we did not bought anything

christmas decoration in midvalley
quite nice~

movie time again
luckily I do like that movie
that's why even when I watched it for twice
I still felt it's nice

like this sentence:
'I see you'

When I thought it's time for us to go back
since after that movie it was already 2am in the morning
they still wanna go 'limteh'
so we went to al fariz to have some chatting
tired but enjoyed
thanks to:
7zai, shelvi, kc, sin min, pinpin, siang ge and orleo
we had a great night

that's why all of us did not went to 8am class for today

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