June 6, 2022

[ Penang ] Kakuriyo Ramen | Lengkok Moulmein

Finally I'm back to share good food again! It's been a while since the pandemic hit us so badly 2 years back, it is still here around us but now we need to know how to live together with it.
Long story short, it's hard to find an authentic Japanese ramen in Malaysia, the best one we had is at Kuala Lumpur still.
When we knew there is a Japanese ramen restaurant open its door to public, we went to have a taste without second thought. 
Kakuriyo Ramen is located at the middle of the housing area, right behind the Pulau Tikus market, it's not hard to locate.
We reached there around 6pm and the queue was insane, so Mr.Ong dropped me first while he continue to look for parking.
If you see there is a queue, please do not queue behind the line but go straight to the window to get your queue number. 
Due to the overwhelming visit from the diners, Kakuriyo Ramen is not open for reservation, only walk-in is allowed.
There are some copies of menu available at the waiting area, you can decide what to order while waiting for the seats. 
The food selection in the menu somehow look familiar, we asked the staff and he confirmed the chef was at Rising Ramen (pork-free restaurant) before but now he decided to open his own restaurant which provide more variety of choices. 
You will first welcome by the cashier counter when you step into the restaurant, with the refillable beverage dispenser aside. 
The entire interior decoration is simple, seating is limited but we did not wait for long until we got our seats. 
Tonkotsu Ramen - Shiro Special | RM23
Kakuriyo offers different types of broth, we always prefer tonkotsu broth with less salty and non-spicy,  "white" ramen it is.
This ramen is in tonkotsu (pork) broth with egg, comes with 4 pieces of charsiu, nori (seaweed), black fungus and spring onion.
We were very pleased with the bouncy texture of ramen and the broth was amazing, it was even better when we added garlic.
The charsiu were thinly sliced, meat are tender and juicy, I would say it was perfectly cook, up to our liking.
Not the best we had but considering the friendly price tags they offer, the food quality is on par, top 3 in the island. 
Tori Karaage (Normal) | RM13
We also ordered a side, the boneless fried chicken with mayonnaise as the dipping sauce, we got four very big piece of chicken.
There are a few selection for Tori Karaage, normal, sesame or spicy, and of course we went for the normal one.
Chicken was juicy and very crispy, personally I kind of like it although it might be a little bit too oily for others. 

Definitely will go back to Kakuriyo Ramen for more when we crave for ramen!

Kakuriyo Ramen
Location: 5, Lengkok Moulmein, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Business Hours: 11:30am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 9:30pm; Closed on Tuesday
Facebook: Kakuriyo Ramen

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