July 25, 2018

[ Penang ] Hong Kong 8am (港室八点钟) | Macalister Lane

There is time, where you will feel like trying something new; when this idea strike, it means I need to do some write-up here.
We bumped into Hong Kong 8am and decided to give it a try,
they cleverly put their signboard in bright yellow which is so catchy and hardly to omit.
This is kind of Hong Kong style Cha Chan Teng, and I believe most of the Penangites are familiar with this kind of kopitiam.
Nothing fancy on the interior, but I would say the space over here is quite crowded,
one would feel uncomfortable if this Cha Chan Teng is full house, or maybe I'm the only one have little bit of agoraphobia?
Hot Lemon Tea | RM3.50 . Ice Bucket Milk Tea | RM5.90
Their signature drink goes to Ice Bucket Milk Tea, where they put ice around the bottle when they served it, 
one good thing about this is they never put ice in your drink which will thinner the taste when the ice melt, good move huh.
Wanted to cut cold drink so I opt for hot lemon tea which I quite like it!
Polo Pork Chop Bun | RM8.90
We were looking forward to try this since this is like a must-eat-food when you visit Hong Kong or Macau.
It's just normal, not enough to impress us I would say. 
The pork chop that served here is exactly the same one with pork chop noodle, if you ordered the noodle, you may skip this.
The pork chop is good in fact, but it should be thicker in size when you want to serve as pork chop bun, and more juicy.
8am Egg Tart | RM2.20
Okay, the egg tart here totally worth a thumb up! 
Mr.Ong is quite into egg tart, he surely will order egg tart whenever he saw they are in the menu list, same like this time.
We used to have egg tart at somewhere else but the quality is deteriorated, we hardly find the good one aftersince,
until we had the egg tart in this cafe, it did surprised us on our first bite!
I don't like crispy kind of crust where the debris started to fall when you bite on it, this is just nice, not too crispy not too sticky.
And the custard here is so soft, you can even swallow it, not kidding here; one egg tart is totally not enough!
Polo Bun | RM3.50
I put high expectation on this, end up we found out that we ordered the wrong one, should have order Polo Bun with BUTTER.
Overall, this polo bun is quite fluffy and cripsy on top, the size of the bun is quite small I would say.
Since it's so fluffy, I think we can finish in 2 month-full if we squeeze the polo bun, laugh.
It's a bit tasteless that's why I feel the butter play a important roll here to enhance the taste, should order the one with butter.
Dry Pork Chop Noodle | RM8.90
Was quite sad when they served the noodle to us as the portion is quite small, not enough for us to share.
Luckily we did order quite a number of sides, which made us filling after the meal.
As I mentioned earlier, the pork chop provided here is same like the one served in Pork Chop Polo Bun, but it is just nice to be served together with the noodle, not too oily.
For the noodle, you can choose between whole egg noodle or instant noodle, we go for the former one, 
choose rice if you don't like to have noodle.
The noodle taste like our Wan Tan Mee, I feel that the noodle here is even tastier, as the taste is richer!

Hong Kong 8am (港室八点钟)
Location: 93, Lorong Macalister Road, 10040, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8am - 2pm (weekday); 8am - 1.30pm, 2.30pm - 5pm (weekend); Closed on Monday
Facebook Page: HongKong8am

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