December 31, 2017

[ Penang ] Pentagon 5 Studio @ Raja Uda

Been using my mother language to write about the travel posts, and now it's kind of weird to switch it back with English; anyway please get used to it as I'm gonna switch it on and off now.
Too many things happen in Year 2017 but I have too little time to share it in my blog, 
and the number of posts share in my blog is becoming lesser and lesser, one of my new year resolution is to make it alive!
Okay, long story short, just wanted to have this post up; took some nice photos and it's wasted not to share here.
Went to Pentagon 5 Studio with my favorite people (parents were not joining) few months back, including the little one.
Used to share tons of food post, but bf and I are cutting down the food hunt activities for bigger project.
So if it wasn't my sister and niece, we won't be here for sure; let me have this quote to start the post: it's been awhile!
Pentagon 5 Studio is a two-storey building, it is usually quite packed during tea time and we were lucky to get a huge table on second floor; the round table can fit us but with the baby chair we will definitely need the huge one.
While bf and sister busying discuss what to order, I was feeding my camera with great shots and playing with the little one.
Kyoto Uji Matcha Soft Serve | RM12.90/mug
Ordered a soft serve in mug to share (it is also available in glass) as they served Insta-worthy dessert here.
Few flavors to choose from and we got the Kyoto Uji Matcha, do ask for the flavor of the day as some of them are not always available; I wanted to try Black Sesame on my next visit.
The soft serve is served with biscuit and sprinkle with crushed corn flakes, it still haven't melt after the photos.
It is quite smooth and the taste is quite decent, it will be perfect if they can bring out the bitter-flavor of the matcha.
Was not expecting this snack at first, so I couldn't share the name and the price with you. 
It becomes so special when they topped it with pieces of bacon, squeeze some lemon juice on them to enhance the taste.
Not gonna review the fries as it will seems unreal, after-all it's FRIES, so just munch it!
Onion Rings | RM12.90
Diners are here for their dessert but we were here for their snacks instead, I'm quite picky when it comes to dessert.
The onion rings served with homemade aioli dipping sauce, it is even more refreshing when you squeeze some lemon juice in it.
Nothing to complain about the onion rings but the amount, once I started to have it then I can't stop it. Laugh.
That's my cheeky niece, so cute isn't she? 

Pentagon 5 Studio
Location: No.12, Butterworth Business City Centre, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 12am (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-3137707

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