November 11, 2016

[ Penang ] Semi-Buffet Breakfast | 17 Kelawei

[ This restaurant had been closed its door to public ]
Normally we won't wake up early in the morning on weekend due to the hectic weekdays we had.
We forced ourselves to wake up earlier on one fine Sunday after we came across there is 
a restaurant that offer semi-buffet Western style breakfast; free flow of coffee, juice and breads!
17 Kelawei is located just right in front of Gurney Tower or a few doors away from UOB Bank on the same road.
We were there 5 minutes before their business hours but the staffs did invited us to our seats
while they were still working hard to get the breads ready.
Oh yeah, live band is available even during breakfast hour but they only started to install the instruments on the time we were about to leave.
The whole interior design give you a kind of homey feel,
they even have lots of sofa for diners to lean while having a cuppa but I feel it's quite hard for us to dine at sofa area.
There are 2 kind of breakfast options:
Breakfast Set that charged RM15.90 for each item and Brekfast Menu that charged RM25.90 for each item.
All items are entitled for free-flow semi-buffet though this ain't mention on Breakfast Menu.
I'm not a coffee person, and I got myself an bottomless orange juice, refill like a boss!
There are a few choices on the bread: plain bread, wholemeal bread, batard bread and muesli bread on the day we went.
Homemade butter, apple jam and pineapple jam are available.
We only managed to finish 2 rounds of breads with our own breakfast set, applause for those who can refill like 3-4 rounds.
It will be good if the staff of 17 Kelawei can get rid of the flies at the free-flow corner.
Scottish Breakfast | RM25.90
Wanted to go for Big Breakfast at first, but I saw there's scones in that set; so I had Scottish Breakfast instead.
Yet, the toasted baguette is not shown up on my plate like what stated on the menu, I did not make a noise on that as we toasted way too much of breads on our own.
Scrambled egg, grilled ham, bacon, greens and grilled tomato are normal, the hash brown is good.
Something I don't like is the given buttered fried mushroom is too little in size and quantity,
it's only two pieces in my plate with 20 cents size!
Egg Benedict | RM25.90
The Egg Benedict is off-menu, BenDan googled it before we were here so he ordered this.
They didn't use English Muffin on this, but it's served with Scone!
There is smoked salmon in between of poached egg and scone, the Hollandaise sauce given is way too less.
We don't really like scone, and we feel that it's weird to have salty food mixed with sweet scone,
we decided to drop the scone after a few bites on this.
The sides are same like Scottish Breakfast, just the ham changed to baked beans.
Overall, the price is quite tempting with the semi-buffet option with every breakfast set.
The quality of food need to be improved and maintained. 
I do not know about their lunch and dinner as we were only here for their breakfast.
But we do enjoy ourselves having breakfast in that sweet environment.

17 Kelawei
Location: 17, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8am - 12am (Daily); lunch and dinner are available too
Contact Number: 04-2262005
Facebook: 17 Kelawei

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