May 8, 2016

[ Penang ] Kith & Kin @ Vantage Desiran Tanjung

Finally I'm back to share some nice food I had in my island instead of sharing about my Bangkok trip;
please stay tuned for more Bangkok posts, there are still a few more a lot to post about.
BenDan brought me to visit newly opened restaurant - Kith & Kin that located in Vantage Desiran Tanjung.
We happened to discover this new restaurant when we passed by the building, 
and attracted by the eye-catching storefront. 
Before their opening, the restaurant is always in dark until one day we saw lights on and people hover inside the restaurant,
this is why we decided to pay a visit to Kith & Kin on the weekend, exactly one month back.
We went to have early dinner where the sun still shine,
this is why all the photos I took on the day seem so nice with the natural light source. 
Diners were not much on the time we reach, but became almost full house when we were leaving the restaurant. 
The first thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant is the portraits of the two kids,
with what Kith & Kin means to the owners on the bottom.
The Kith & Kin here means family and friends, where we all can enjoy good food and good times together.
Another side, owners hung their family photographs on the wall in black and white. 
The decoration of this restaurant is minimalist, mainly in earth color, black and white; very simple yet nice.
With the spacious and wide room they have, a playground / reading corner is set-up at the corner of the restaurant,
it's for kiddies to self-entertain while their parents or family enjoy the meals. 
This is a plus point for Kith & Kin compare to other restaurant.
If you are so scare to leave your kids at the playground corner alone, you can just request color pencil and drawing papers from the waitress. With this, your kids can have their coloring session just beside you.
They served western common meals, but consider how much we Asians addicted to white rice,
some of the main course is came together with steam rice!
The price for food are affordable and you can convert your main course into set meal by add-on RM6.90
to get iced lemon tea, soup of the day and ice cream;
which is very worth!
Iced Lemon Tea
The iced lemon tea is not included sugar so a little cup of sugar syrup is came along with the drink to suit our sweetness.
It's quite sour without the sugar, so we almost pour all the sugar syrup in the drink.
If you really don't like to have iced lemon tea, you can add another RM3.90 to get brewed coffee.
Soup of the Day
It's homemade cream of mushroom soup that served together with some croutons. Nothing special tho.
Grilled BBQ Chicken | RM15.90
BenDan's main course. the grilled BBQ chicken is served with steam rice and sauteed vegetables.
You can change the steam rice to butter rice by just add another RM4.
The BBQ sauce given is plenty, and taste so good;
the portion of the steam rice is rather small, so end up we add on another steam rice (RM2.90) to share.
The BBQ chicken is well cooked, very tender and still very juicy in the sauce. 
The greens given are not sauteed as per stated in the menu, it's like salad type which BenDan not really like.
So I got to finish it by my own.
We observed most of the diners also order the same dish with us, one of their signature perhaps.
Herb Lemon Butter Fish (Salmon) | RM20.90
The fish type can choose between Baramundi or Salmon, obviously I got mine the latter one. 
This dish is served with mash, sauteed vegetables, roasted almond flakes and herb lemon butter on top of the salmon.
I first spread the herb lemon butter on the salmon and wait it melts before I start to dig in.
The herb lemon butter enhanced the taste of salmon though I can't really get the taste of herb from it.
The salmon skin is quite crispy even though it is been spread with butter, and not too salty,
the salmon is well-cooked on the outside and still soft in the inside.
Other than the portion of this dish (rather small), I can say this main course is perfect and up to my liking!
We ended our dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Will definitely pay another visit here with my parents, for the affordable and nice food.
Since Kith & Kin just newly opened, so there is still room for improvement,
we observed the amount of waitress they have now are not enough to serve the entire restaurant when it is full house.

Kith & Kin
Location: A-G-9, Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Desiran Tanjung, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm (closed on Monday)
Contact Number: 04-898 1813
Facebook: Kith & Kin


  1. A perfect dining place for family especially with kids :D
    Main course looks tempting ! My bro told me that their rempah chicken taste good too hehe

    1. Really? Wanted to try it the other day but salmon stole my first sight lol

  2. OMG... Hungry at this hour >.<

    1. Ha! Glad that I can make you feel hungry lol