October 4, 2015

[ Penang ] Random tea time at Brown Pocket

Matcha Latte | RM10.90 . Apple Duet | RM16.90
We had our brunch too early, around ten in the morning where people normally just started to have breakfast, and we did not have lunch after that; yeah I know my meal schedule is a mess during weekends. We were quite starved before the movie so BenDan decided to have a quick meal at Brown Pocket (I just thought to get some small bites and bring them to cinema), it was still fine for me as we never been to cafe together like ages. Throwing confetti. Not much diners in the cafe due to the haze. Ordered a duet so we can have both pancakes and waffle in one, their waffle is still the best I had, it seems like better than the one I had previously, good job. 
Just a short update, couldn't resist not to post these beautiful photos, you may read my full review of Brown Pocket here. Till then. 

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