September 27, 2015

[ Penang ] Hearty breakfast at Ferringhi Coffee Garden

After my first attempt at Ferringhi Coffee Garden few years back with my friend, I finally paid another visit there together with my sister. This is a delay post as we actually went there before she gets pregnant; I scanned through some albums that I haven't blog about and decided to share this with my readers first. Ever since my sister gets married, she seldom have time to explore this beautiful island as she stays at mainland; so she dated me earlier to have breakfast over here.
Didn't take much photos on the restaurant, you may read my previous post for the interior. Although the weather was quite hot in the morning that day, we still decided to have our seats at the alfresco area; need to mention that their service is still that good as we changed from one table to another just to get a table with more shade, the waiter still happily served us without any complain. The menu will be placed on the table and the food choices didn't change much compare to few years back, but the price range is increased by a few dollar. 
Cafe Latte | RM9.80
To be frank, I'm not the coffee person, so I can't tell you how good is the coffee or what coffee bean they have use to make this coffee taste so good, bla bla bla. So we just ordered a cup of cafe latte and fresh orange juice to share; the coffee art is good but I prefer something cuter or floral. As usual, their juice come with the slanting cup, which I think it's their signature; the first time I saw these kind of cups, I still thought I almost spill the drink and it makes me so nervous about it.
FCG Breakkie | RM29.80
FCG here means Ferringhi Coffee Garden, so basically it's their style of big breakfast which include chicken or beef sausage (I had the chicken one), eggs, beef bacon, grilled tomatoes, roasted thyme potato with Grana Padano (a kind of cheese if you ask) and a slice of toast. I requested not to have beef bacon, so they change it to ham and baked beans instead. At first I thought the portion is okay for one person but I need to surrender that I tried very hard just to finish this portion of breakfast. Overall the food is just okay, the soy sauce (I think is soy sauce, correct me if I'm wrong) they put on the ham and sausage a little bit too salty and I don't like it; but the roasted potato worth a thumb up.
Eggs Benedict | RM20.80
My sister's choice. We should just order one main breakfast to share since this coming in pairs, normally other restaurants / cafes will only served one portion of Egg Benedict. The yellow of the poached egg is so runny and served on a buttered loaf with bacon and garnished with Hollandaise sauce. This is quite good, it will be better if the loaf can be softer and not over-toast.
I remembered we tried so hard and sat there for hours just to finish the breakfast, I still think that we should have finish it earlier or easier, and I blame it to the weather, I was actually sweating at the alfresco area even though they do have some ventilator at the area, and the bad hair of mine made me so frustrated on everything. Anyhow, I still spend a good day with my sister there.

43-D, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang.

Business Hours
8am - 6pm (Daily)

Contact Number


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Viewing back my old posts, I realized I've been changing so much; from good to better I hope.

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