July 21, 2013

Dear Diary # 3

Kinda lack of feeding my bloggie now due to something something I'm busy with, the blog view stat make me feel like I should blog more often instead to get back to the normal level, laugh out loud! Ever-since the Penang second bridge collapse (in front of my company and I feel the shake my own!), I started to work OT just to avoid the crazy traffic jam and this make me feel lifeless. That's why I enjoy my weekends to the fullest to pamper myself; sometimes you might think that I play too hard but I'm actually get inspired by a term YOLO (You Only Live Once), so while I'm working hard, I should play hard to get my life balance. I shouldn't bla so much to make all the lovelies here get bored, so scroll down and skip the grandmother story here. 
 | water ubah in penang |
Do you still remember the 54-foot-tall floating rubber duck displayed at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong? One month after they removed The Rubber Duck from Victoria Harbour, we have this Water Ubah at IJM Promenade until end of August. First time in my life I saw terrible traffic happen nearby that area because most of the people want to have a peek on this Ubah bird, believe me it's a good thing.
 | polka dot casing |
I changed my iPhone casing again, no more Starbucks casings as I decided to keep them for collection only, was really broken heart when I saw a scratch on the casing! Omgimgonnadie! So I put some retro element on my gadget even I'm quite into Korean style casing which are quite hit nowadays; I'll only put them on next time if I make this spoil. 
 | so called holidaaay |
Been to Sabah with a bunch of mates for one reason, definitely not for a play-trip purpose yet we still had fun throughout the weeks. They make me feel like I was a princess, I think most probably I'm the youngest among them and I really do like them a lot; hope that I can meet them again elsewhere and I miss them a lot from the day we apart-ed at KLIA. Will compose a Sabah post to show some photos soon and Triumph In The Skies 2 (衝上雲霄2) is showing now, I'm currently at Episode 5!
| hi-tea at cbtl |
Went to Neway with pals and I'm kinda addicted to singing again after so long although my started-to-be-sore throat did make me suffer awhile during that time. The food they served in Neway just couldn't fulfilled us, that's why we decided to have a second round at CBTL. I don't really like cakes except for mille crepe and cheesecake; the Chicago Cheesecake is quite awesome and melted in mouth. 
| heal my crave |
I craved for Japanese food for times and I knew I might gone crazy if I didn't have a bite on salmon sushi. So, we had a great lunch just now at Azuma just to heal my craving towards sushi. Photographed on my seafood fried rice before I finished it in a second, laugh! I'm a happy girl today and this make me to stop procrastinating and have this post done.

. . . . . . . . . . 

I'm lucky number six.

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