May 4, 2012


Longing for Korean food for a month, so lucky to find myself some good accompanies to Aza Aza Starvil. Together with some of my colleagues and ex-colleagues, laugh, we went for the Korean Cuisine after our work. 
It's not easy to find an authentic Korean restaurant in Penang; the owner of the restaurant is a Korean and marry with a Malaysian girl.
Here come our free flow side dishes, normally in a Korean restaurant you will get to eat their Kimchi, seasoned vegetables, homemade rice crackers and mash potato. The mash potato is awesome and we refilled it for times.
Japchae . RM19.90
It's Korean sweet potato noodle a.k.a winter noodles pan fried with pork and vegetables; recommended by the owner, it was quite okay.
Aza Aza Special BBQ . RM24.90
Another dishes recommended by the owner with house signature spicy marinated pork, they have waiters to serve you on this.
The barbecue meat is served together with lettuce leaves and onions, great combination!
Kimchi Jjigae . RM17.90
My favourite kimchi stew with sliced pork, tofu and cellophane noodles, you can choose either it served with white rice or ramen.
Dolsot Bibimbap . RM13.90
Always see it in drama and now I was actually having it in real! Hot stone bowl rice with egg, seaweed and vegetables, served with a bowl of seaweed soup. It will be nicer if they mix with spicy-er sauce. 
Ddeokbokki . RM19.90
Another signature dish for Korean restaurant, spicy fried Korean rice cake with pork and vegetables. Chewy.
Finally got my satisfaction over here, yet I still miss the one I had at Kuala Lumpur, even nicer than here. Laugh

Aza Aza Starvil
Add: 47-G, Persiaran Bayan Bay, Bayan Indah Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-2.30pm (lunch); 5pm-10pm (dinner); Closed on last Monday of the month
Contact Number: 604-6439092

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