December 5, 2011

His soulmate

So, do you guys wondering why Jeremy was here is Penang? You should have knew it, for his favorite sport since he missed it once last year, so this time he grabbed the chance and joined the Kayuh Lasak Penang Mountainbike Jamboree 2011; the event take-off from Balik Pulau. Too bad, the God is pouring water at that area during the ride, it made the ride become more exciting and dangerous. 

His soulmate - Scott Scale SL, for only 899 grams; lightest bike that everyone drooling for. They look so muddy yet cool after the ride. Quoted from him: everyone will drool when they look at our bikes. Laugh. This is true, indeed. See you when I went down to KL.

. . . . . . . . . . 

T-EH! Laugh.


  1. please feel free to drool but dont drool on the bike ah~ hahaha...carbon fibers are not saliva friendly :P

  2. Find 1 day i go drool on it!! LOL