October 29, 2011

Bachelor's Night

Busy for weeks, and finally the day had came; her wedding eve a.k.a the bachelor's night. Never thought that these days will reach us so fast, somehow I don't wish it ended so fast. Didn't get enough rest for whole day, just to help her set up all the thing, it was worth when I see all the things went well. Not much photos on me of course, I was the camera girl at the night, sob sob.

Sister and her besties gang, her sisters for the next day; oops, and Justin, one of the professional photographer. 
The most important moment for a daughter and her parents, deep in their heart, I know they have mixed feeling other than happy.
Combing hair session, is a must during the night before wedding; hair need to be combed for several times, and each of them bring different special meaning. I might be weeping if it was me. Laugh.

. . . . . . . . . .

I don't want it ended that fast because I'll miss you.

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