September 3, 2010

Jayne's big day ♥

'Suffer' for several days and the big day had come
Jayne's 22nd birthday

Happy birthday to my lover, Jayne
I'm glad that I still have chance to prepare such a surprise for you
hope you love the pressie from us
It's great to be your friend
and it's nice to stay with you in a house for 2 years
Happy to have you beside me when I need someone
and Thank you for what you had did for me
Love you, Jayne
Stay happy and blissful always

we went to watch [Love in Disguise] on the next day
her Leehom's movie
all of us were enjoyed the movie
and the song too


  1. <3 I love ur powerpoint very muchie!!!!

    Thanks for everything my lover (",)
    It's nice to have u as my housemate n i like your smiles very much too!!!
    Best buddy forever ^_______________^

    hugsss <3