November 5, 2009

My baby...

I just got my new-born baby - instax mini 7s
It is a SHE...because she is in pink colour
but then all of my friends asked me the same question since yesterday
"Why you didn't get the purple colour 1?"
I also want a purple colour polaroid
but then it did not come out with purple colour
My darling KaiYien was so excited when she saw me with this
because she also hope to get 1 after watched some drama
Go for it!!!
and Jayne~ you know what i want?
haha, get a photo of you and my baby^^

Is it worth to get this?
You love it, sure you yearn to have 1
IN your own hand
if you like something but didn't have a chance to get it
you might keep thinking of it
I love to be a collector
collect all the things that i like/love
what's next?

Lalala...this photo was edited using a software
Is it same with yours 1?

Our tehooo said:
Like it^^

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  1. finally, i guessed ur fever had been cured :) now, go shoot some nice fotos!!