August 26, 2009


原创者:Mr. Orleo

Once upon a time, in a land far far away
there was a fish playing by the river
not in the river though cause you see this fish can't swim..somehow..
anyway she was playing happily by herself
then there was this cute little girl
who always goes with this look: -.-
is passing by to go find her friends and kak teh
this little girl is called michelle
when she passed by the fish, she suddenly just fell in love with it
and ever since then
she just follows the fish to wherever she goes
and the best part is this
michelle loves to eat fish
hence this walking fish keep on bringing michelle all around
to introduce her friends to her
in the end michelle ate too many fishes and become bui bui
therefore now normally people call her ah bui (or so she thinks)
anyway..they both fell in love with one another and stayed on together
and they lived happily ever after


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