April 18, 2008



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  1. hello.. visiting ur blog n find tat it is quite interesting d..!! haha, thnx 4 gving me a space in ur blg loh.. very irritating tat u cn go elsewhere u like with ur lovely frens n some also our frens la.. although i really 4get their name..paisey loh, guys~!! it sounds n feels gd leh... i cnt go aniway yet although i m 19th liao..hahaha.. joyeful leh.. bt i think it is called 'protective' from my dear parents!! haiz.. emm, wah, ur hair bcome long liao loh..n of course nice looking d.. i think u r witing 4 dis sentence gua..--more beauty liao--!! *hehe*
    from here, i jz noe that u hv met a lot of problems n hope u cn solve it la.. life seems to bcome like tat la..cope with it.. i noe u CAN, rite??, my dear...after 2yrs graduate from pcghs.. i really learn a lot of things in the new environment n cope wif many new things tat hvn seen b4... i thinks ithey make me strong n more independent gua.. tat day, i c thru our photos tat took when we r in secondary... tat time really happy n make many joyful 4 me..i think we met each other in form 2 rite?? tat time i n u hvn so close yet.. bt a drama make me n u together.. u still rmb?? hopefully la!~~ i think i wil surely keep 'them' in my heart forever... n 'they' remind me tat u r my best fren certainly.. thnx god 4 letting me noe u n b a such gd couple frens wif u... actually many thing wanna to say wif u la bt i think it will b a such long paragraph~~~ aniway, talk to u when we meet... rmb our promise?? hahaha~ SMILE ALWAYS.. love u!! muaxx~